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Ideal Keyword Density For Good SEO Campaign

hyhasyasasPredicting keyword phrase density in an article is not that easy, but we’ve found a trick to see the ideal keyword density for SEO. This density varies greatly and we often insensibly can’t realize that these keyword phrase had been spread throughout the article. These repetition if done exaggeratedly, will result in bad reputation of your site in the eye of search engines. Keyword density is the repetition of the phrases that we are targeting in the written articles. This repetition if exceed the 5% limit, should bring you harm in search result, so before we go any further, try to observe the keyword density on your own articles.

According to SEO experts, keyword density of each search engines are different. For example, Google has a criteria by 5% maximum, but others like Yahoo and Bing allow the number up to 7%. From what we’ve learned and taken from the experts, the density of a good and ideal article is ranging from 1.5% to 3.5% for Google, and for 5% for Yahoo, Bing, and other engines.

The choice is yours – whether you want to optimize your site solely for Google, or other search engines, although we recommend you to go for Google. Pay more attention to these figures and check if your site already in the red zone list for excessive keyword density. You may need to consider installing plugin (if your site is built in WordPress) such as EasyWPSEO to check the density instantly.

We need to underline that Google search algorithms are continually changed, and it requires intelligence to determine the ideal keywords to compete in the search result position. Since the the keyword itself serve for a long-term favor, check accurately regarding the keyword density in your articles with monitoring tools available online, such as SEOmoz, SpyFu, WordTracker, and Seocentro, which are often used by many webmasters to check into their keyword density.

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